About ICN

ICN Is a business network that introduces Australian and New Zealand businesses to projects large and small.

We’re an independent organisation, funded by our members and subscribers, including Australian and New Zealand federal, state and territory governments.

We were created over 30 years ago to increase economic activity and employment opportunities for local industries.

Since then, we have helped local suppliers find over $30 billion worth of contracts.

About Ionyx

Ionyx is a Brisbane-based software and creative communications agency, providing state-of-the-art digital solutions to assist businesses of all sizes.

This collection of creative minds have assembled a range of products and tools for business including the journey management and work travel safety app JMS, work travel and accommodation booking service Fly2Work and most recently the COVID-19 Response app developed in collaboration with ICN and QMI Solutions.

The Ionyx team creates total solutions for businesses of all sizes, addressing their challenges and giving them automated tools for success and marketing products that set them apart from their competition.