Ultraspin Technology

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Head Office

46 Wadhurst Drive
Boronia VIC 3155

+61 3 8841 7200
+61 3 8841 7299

ABN  53101873250

Company Profile

Ultraspin is an engineering company that specialises in the design and supply of high performance oily water separation systems. Our sole focus is oily water which is why we have a high degree of specialist knowledge in all forms of water contaminated with oil, fats and grease across many industries. Ultraspin invented the use of hydrocyclones in industrial oil water separation systems, with most of our systems using this technology. We export to many parts of the world including Southern Africa, Asia and Europe. We are the largest oily water equipment supplier in Australia.

Products and Services

Oil Skimmers
Oily water Treatment Systems
Oil Water Separator
Spare parts